Geistiges und globales Reisen im Internetzeitalter

Neue Horizonte entdecken. (Atlantikküste, MA, USA 2014)

Thinking anew about communications
At the age of 22, a scholarship at the Boston University College of Public Communication enabled me to study and eventually write my master’s thesis on the future perspectives of satellite communications. At 55, the Global Methan* Experience 2014 will be the inspiration to look at today's pioneering technologies. To report on this, new channels of communication are emerging on an almost daily basis as a result of the transformation taking place in the media world, a transformation that compels us to take notice of it. But this media meganova, this explosion in the media universe, also demands space to think and reflect. The Global Methan Experience 2014 can become such a space.
As a US graduate of communication studies, a writer, blogger, PR consultant and senior coach, I have been providing advice and consultancy services for 20 years, primarily to the creators of media. My experience of traffic and communications is therefore a mainly virtual one. Via the Methan Tour I want to catapult myself fast forward into a very physical adventure whose real-life experiences will broaden my perspective on these subjects.
I want to feel what it’s like from the top of the World Financial Center, to experience the view as it sweeps across to Shanghai's horizon taking in the myriad of fissures formed by the network of city streets. And I'm curious to see how they manage to integrate futuristic architecture with pioneering communications technology.
I want to experience the Panama Canal, a waterway steeped in tradition that links the world's oceans, when it celebrates its 100th anniversary, and to marvel at the opening of its gigantic floodgates. I want to see moving, driverless cars in San Francisco, and experience Singapore's vision of a city with zero-emission traffic and the progress they have already made towards this. As a visionary, I am obsessed with seeing dreams become reality.


PS: Die Methan* World Experience Tour wird, wenngleich unter anderem Namen, am 16.7.2014 mit 6  Reisenden starten.


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