Belushka – spiritually akin

Sich verneigen (Zeichnung: K. Bertelsmann)

Winter had arrived and strong winds blew outside our hotel right next to the sea. And right there, below the bushes near the parking garage this little fellow was cowering against the passing cars and bravely holding its ground.

A very young kitten, barely as large as my hand came to be petted and must have been very hungry, since it ate the food we got all at once.

In a twinkling of an eye, this little creature won my heart and for the next fourteen days I spent my time with regular everyday feedings. This I need n´t do all by myself, there was practical assistance from my partner and moral support from four friends of ours in whose company we spent three weeks over the turn of the year in Cyprus.

Eventually we met Margaret, a British-born Cypriot, who made it her mission in life – political and in practical terms – to improve life for cats in Cyprus, that are left do fend for themselves. At New Year we handed the much-loved kitten over  to Margaret. And when she asked we spontaneously named it Lucy Aphrodite.

Since we now knew Lucy A. was in good hands, we could spend a relaxing last holiday week in the absence of feeding services. Every now and then, we fed the stray cats around the hotel, but I was n´t willing nor prepared to establish any emotional relationship.

Back home, we stayed in contact with Margaret and soon she had the good news, that Lucy A. would have a new home. And thanks to our joint efforts, the owner of the Grecian Bay Hotel could be persuaded to overwinter the “hotel”-cats in an appropriate shed and feed them. A great success that allowed the cats-story to rest.

As usual the new year started fast pacing in spring and only now, beginning of November, I come to a halt. Disturbed by Margaret´s notice, that Lucy A. had returned, because it had proved impossible, to make Lucy A. feel at home in a flat. She is an outdoor cat and was just unhappy in the absence of an outdoor area. For the time being, Lucy A. could stay with her for a while, but not for long as she´s giving shelter to numerous cats in her house and garden already.

I felt immediately my responsibility for the little creature. At first I felt relief, that Lucy A.´s imprisonment in an apartment had come to an end. However, where and how could I find a fitting home for her being so  far away?!

Anyway, the same evening I wrote a newsletter to the people living in the approximately 50 homes of our village-urban settlement and to all our friends. Unfortunately we ourselves cannot host Lucy, because we have a cat already living with us, quite a princess by character and unwilling to make friends.

To be honest, I didn`t expect positive feedback to my mailing, not really. Maybe I rather felt like soothing my conscience and to be able to reassure myself, to have done my best and also because for the time being nothing better has occurred to me.

Some days later I checked my zillion mails as usual and almost routinely moved Gepke´s BeeMuse-Newsletter* to trash. Not because I´m not interested in my old London friend´s information rather the contrary it´s just because the flood of business information is hardly manageable and I have to set limits somehow.

Following a kind of intuition I opened the newsletter this time and read: „Dear Birgitt, All I can say come to London and take Lucy Aphrodite with you. I will look after her with love and care.”

What a relief. Touched by her words and with a deep inner joy I had tears in my eyes. I first wondered, since my mailing had been in German not in English until I remembered that Gepke could understand my call for help due to her Dutch roots. I felt more than happy.

Besides our regular newsletters we barely had direct contact for some years. And now thanks to Lucy A. we get an unexpected chance to revive a long relationship. In my memory I recall numerous events and encounters that passed by as time did over the years. It is really long ago we last met. 1985.

Decades have passed since and both of us matured. I´m finally grown up. At least I think I feel like being 56 years of age. However, there never was a chance to catch up with Gepke who will always be 22 years older. I´m so glad, to personally meet her soon again. My old wise friend, so knowledgeable in shamanic arts and beekeeping and who also knows how to care for and nurture wounded souls. She is an authority, 78 years of age now, and she will welcome the scared Lucy A., raise her spirit as she did for mine, ages ago.

The only reason for me and my partner to travel to London next year will be to visit Gepke and her new kitten. Lucy A. will be renamed to Belushka then. This is how Gepke already calls her cat from a distance. She explained that Belushka is a suitable name for her as she is a border crosser and has been forced to withstand tough challenges since early in life. Now, from a distance, Gepke is already guiding the little creature home safe and sound.

Great gratitude fills my heart when I think of the amazing change in this little creature’s life whose well-being obviously has a significant impact on my own. Possibly we are soul mates in some way I´m not able to really understand. Anyway, whatever the meaning may be, this relationship is the cause to reestablish an old friendship. A friendship that made me realize the kindred soul on her journey through life walking ahead.

There is also thankfulness thinking of Margaret, whose passionate devotion and professionality entails the welfare of those lovable beings in Cyprus. She will ensure Belushka´s safe travel to her new home.

Last but not least I would like to express my appreciation to the clinic doctors and the transport service providers since it is only with their support that those stories can become true.



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